San Diego
Saxophone Orchestra

Thank you for your interest in the San Diego Saxophone Orchestra. We are sorry to say that the group has disbanded as many of its members have dispersed to other communities where they continue to promote the instruments and music of the saxophone family in a variety of ways.

The San Diego Saxophone Orchestra was comprised of many of San Diego's finest saxophonists. It's members included professional saxophonists, music majors from San Diego State University, and enthusiasts from the surrounding community. The ensemble was founded by the members of the Spectrum Quartet. The goal of the group was to bring together the entire range of the saxophone family in a large ensemble setting, to bring to audiences an awareness of the magnificent sound of the saxophone orchestra, and to demonstrate the musical and artistic potential of this exciting medium.

Among the ensemble's performances were a tribute concert to composer Walter Hartley and a live recording as part of a Spectrum CD. The free MP3 recordings below are from those performances:

Nov. 14th and 15th, 2001
Smith Recital Hall, SDSU
(A Saxophone Tribute to Walter S. Hartley)

Program (click links for free downloadable MP3s)
Annunciation Carol - Percy Grainger (2.0MB)
Wauchet Auf - J.S. Bach arr. Walter S. Hartley (3.7MB)
Sweet Georgia Brown (2.0MB)
Portals - Carl Anton Wirth (5.5MB)
Sopranino: Lee Elderton
Soprano: Lee Elderton, Antwane Green, Kyle Strong
Alto: Lisa Anderson, Ward Baxter, Lee Elderton, Amy Kalal, Adnan Marquez, Jamie Moulton
Tenor: Ward Baxter, Steve Carmichael, Carlos Navarrette, Clinton Popp
Baritone: Alfonso Martinez, Gabriel Sundy
Bass: Ward Baxter, Jay Easton
Contrabass: Jay Easton
Conductor: Neil Anderson

Apr. 4th, 2000
Smith Recital Hall, SDSU

Program (click links for free downloadable MP3s)
Aubade - Walter S. Hartley
Finale, from the Firebird Suite - Stravinsky, arr. W. Clifton Baxter
Soprano: Lee Elderton, Kelly Hart-Jenkins, Alfonso Martinez, Kyle Strong
Alto: Lisa Anderson, Reine Freeman, De'Vaughan Jones, Kia Scott, Christopher Stout, Robert Thomas, Leilani Williams
Tenor: Neil Anderson, Ward Baxter, Clinton Popp
Baritone: Cortney Colbert, Adnan Marquez
Bass: Jay Easton
Bass Drum: Theresa Reinaman
Conductor: Josh Salez

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